Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical?

Students aspiring for GATE Mechanical exam often face a tough time deciding whether they shall choose offline coaching or online coaching for exam preparations. With a plethora of new options, the level of confusion rises, and a lot of time is wasted in getting enrolled in a coaching course. Today, we’ll be discussing why online courses for GATE are becoming increasingly popular with GATE aspirants these days? Let’s discuss Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical?

Offline v/s online coaching for GATE

Today, more and more students are opting for online courses to prepare for their GATE exam. There are enough reasons for choosing these modern-day coaching centers over the traditional ones. Let us discuss their benefits in detail.

Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical?


Time is the most important aspect of securing a good rank in any competitive exam. Offline coaching classes demand much time in terms of traveling to and from the coaching center. Many students tend to travel to far off places to receive coaching from subject experts. This major drawback of the traditional style of coaching has been addressed in online coaching classes. It brings the lectures delivered by these experts to your home. Instead of getting tired in traffic, you can use that time to relax and rewind for your next study session.

Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical?
Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical?

Peaceful study environment

GATE is considered as one of the toughest exams in the country. To clear such a difficult exam with a good score, one needs a peaceful study environment. Offline coaching centers enroll students in batches which has a negative impact on the study environment. With an increase in the number of students in a room, discipline is bound to lessen. On the contrary, online coaching offers you the freedom to choose an environment for yourself. You have the flexibility to get coaching in your study room in a peaceful environment.

Self-paced learning

In a classroom environment, there exists a boundation for studying a specific amount of syllabus daily. You cannot study less on a day you are feeling unwell. Neither can you study more when you are feeling highly energetic? This shortcoming is removed in the modern online courses. You can take a day off when you are physically ill and cover up your syllabus the other day. It gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace whether you are a slow learner or a fast one.


The traditional methods of teaching involve the use of costly infrastructure and daily visits of subject experts. It makes it expensive to maintain these coaching institutions. These high bills are recouped from the students enrolling in these offline courses. The online portals save major costs of infrastructure development and its regular maintenance. It also records all the video lessons in advance to prevent the need of calling the subject experts daily for making a video. This saves them a lot of money paid as fees to the teachers. Online courses, therefore, offer the same quality of education at a reduced price.


In the classroom studies, you can learn only the topics taught in the class. You are in an obligation to complete the lessons as per your teachers. But in an online course, you can benefit by first completing the topics you are adept at and continue with the others later. You have the opportunity to optimize your time according to your strengths.

Free Demo lectures

A big name is enough for students to enroll in a reputed coaching institute these days. But what if that big name doesn’t suit you later? Even an expert in a particular subject might not suit you because of the teaching style you are habitual of. We all grow up learning with different kinds of teaching styles. One that suits your friend might not suit you. It is better to try a teacher before paying a hefty amount for coaching. Such free demo lectures are not available at the offline centers simply because they bear teaching costs on a daily basis. But the practice of pre-recording video lectures allows the online course providers to offer such free demo lectures. Ensure to take advantage of these free lectures online to make yourself aware of the teaching style of the subject expert. We have published a post on how to prepare for GATE Mechanical Exams, I am sure that will be of great help and you may want to read it.

Doubt clarification sessions

Many people argue that offline coaching is better than online courses as doubts remain unclear in the latter. Only a few people know that these online course providers conduct live doubt clarification sessions to clear all your doubts. It is also beneficial for those students who are hesitant to clarify their doubts in front of the whole batch of students.

Previous years’ papers

In any competitive exam, it is important to solve the questions from previous years’ exam papers. The offline course providers generally fail to provide you with these papers. In the online courses, you can get your hands on all the exam papers from the previous 20+ years. Such a huge number of papers provide you with a lot of practice material for your GATE Mechanical exam.

Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical?
Offline v/s online coaching for GATE

Test Series

Test series play a major role in testing your knowledge of the concepts learned. With each test, you get to know your weaknesses and can improve by focusing on your weak points. You get a chance to take a test series at offline coaching centers but the online courses provide you with more number of test series comparatively. It is because the modern course providers do not bear any infrastructure cost in conducting these tests. They are, therefore, able to offer more value to their students.

Practice of online calculator

With the introduction of virtual calculators for the GATE exam, you can no longer carry your physical calculator to the examination hall. The traditional institutes do not stress on providing you with the opportunity to practice using this calculator. But online course providers understand its importance well. They are fully aware of the fact that a delay in solving each of your questions in the exam will hamper your score to a great extent. They provide you the virtual calculator and encourage you to use it while solving your numerical. A little practice daily helps greatly in the exam.

So those are the reasons why we also offer our high quality and scientifically prepared offline courses for Gate mechanical. Here are some of our best selling courses on GATE that you can check today. You can also subscribe to our 7-days free trial course.

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Final Words

Students are increasingly preferring the modern methods of teaching due to the numerous advantages they offer over traditional classroom teaching. These online courses are a boon to common people due to their cost-effectiveness and supreme value they have to offer. Combine your hard-work with these advantages and no one will be able to stop you from achieving your dreams. You may also want to watch our YouTube channel for GATE to find out the methodology and benefits you can GATE out of our Online GATE preparation course for Mechanical. I hope you liked this article on Why should you do online courses for Gate Mechanical? Please share your thoughts or comments here in the comment section below.

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