How to prepare for GATE Mechanical exams?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level exam testing the knowledge of students in undergraduate science and engineering subjects. GATE Mechanical Engineering exam is conducted to test the students’ comprehensive understanding in Engineering Mathematics, Applied Mechanics and Design, Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Science; and Material, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineering. It is one of the toughest competitive examinations in the country. In this post we will tell you How to prepare for GATE Mechanical exams?

Importance of GATE

GATE is conducted by reputed organizations on behalf of National Coordination Board-GATE under the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD). Indian Institute of Science and 7 Indian Institutes of Technology join hands for holding the exam. It holds importance for students aiming for pursuing post-graduation in engineering from reputed organizations. A good GATE score helps to secure an entry-level job in Public Sector Undertakings. Students aiming to pursue their higher studies from Singapore or Germany can also benefit from GATE as few top-level institutions from these countries accept GATE score for admission to their post-graduate programs.

GATE Preparation

To get a high score in your GATE examination, you must make a definitive plan of action which is easy for you to follow. Let us get into the details of setting up a plan of action.

Know your syllabus

The first and foremost step to start your preparation is to get your hands on the latest syllabus from the official portal of GATE 2020 maintained by IIT Delhi. Once you have the whole syllabus, divide it into smaller parts according to the time you have before your exam. Make a daily study schedule and stick to it by finishing the topics allotted to that particular day. Don’t forget to leave some time of the day for revisions and relaxation.

Start early

Starting early is the key to cover all the topics included in the syllabus. The more topics you are aware of, the more are your chances to deliver better in your exam. Early preparation also leaves you with extra time for revisions and you can easily recall the information while writing your paper.

Grasp the textbooks

To get a basic idea of the topics, it is advised to go through the textbooks at least once. It will help you grasp the concepts covered in your syllabus well. These concepts form a basis to get advanced information from other sources.

Maintain a formula book

Almost all the rank holders of the GATE Mechanical exam maintained a formula book which helped them revise the formulas easily. These formulas are the basis of all practical questions asked in the exam. Revising them repeatedly will make you a pro in solving numerical.

Take online courses

Online courses for GATE preparation contain plenty of useful information. They are popular because of the educational value they provide along with saving your time of travel. These online courses provide on-demand services to match students’ schedule. Read our post on top 10 reasons why you should do online course for GATE ME? You can subscribe to one of our Online GATE preparation courses such as Pen Drive GATE Course, OTG GATE, SD card GATE. If you do  not need the complete course then you may want to subscribe for subject wise GATE preparation course as it gives you in dept knowledge on that particular subject for GATE exams. So you pay only for the Subject you want. You get all you need like video lectures in DVDs, e study materials, Live Doubt clearing sessions and much more.

Practice repeatedly for numerical

Numericals form an important part of GATE. Practicing them daily will help you get hold of them. Try to solve as many questions as you can find from your text-books, online course material, previous exam papers, etc. For this very reason and to help our student excel in the exams and to get rank of AIR under 50, we offer scientifically prepared test series for GATE mechanical.

Maintain a study and revision routine

Hard-work and consistency play a very important role to achieve success in any field. If you are aiming to get a good score in GATE, follow your daily study time-table. Maintaining a routine for learning new concepts as well as revising the previous ones is crucial in getting a good rank in GATE.

Solve online Test series

Taking test series will help you test your knowledge. You can easily take one online course during the course of your study. These test scores will throw some light on the parts of the syllabus unclear to you and you can modify your plans accordingly.

Online Course for GATE me
How to prepare for GATE Mechanical exams?

Discuss concepts with friends

Friends and seniors are very helpful in clearing your doubts. Never feel ashamed of asking others the concepts you are not aware of. No one in this world is a born genius. Try to acquire knowledge from your friends, classmates, and seniors. Also, provide them with any help they require.

Solve mock tests and sample papers online

Mock tests and sample papers give you a taste of an actual examination. When you feel confident of all the concepts covered in your syllabus, you must take online mock tests to examine your level of knowledge. Solving sample papers also serve this purpose as you can cross-verify your answers with the solutions available with the sample papers online.

Solve previous years’ Question Papers

Previous question papers provide you a realistic approach to test your skills. You must source these papers either from your seniors or the online course websites to get a taste of GATE before appearing in your final exam.

Enroll in real-time tests taken online

There are many resources available online for testing your comprehensive knowledge of all the concepts in real-time. A score will be provided to you right after you take the online test. It helps you to prepare better and buckle up for the exam.

Online Course for GATE me
How to prepare for GATE Mechanical exams?

Never lose confidence

Confidence plays a major role in achieving success. Even if you start late, you can get a good score in GATE Mechanical exam. You are aware of the basics of your syllabus, you just need to hone your skills. With limited time, you can make a time-table as per your schedule and start with an online course. Cover the topics containing higher weightage first and leave the remaining for later days. Even if you get low scores in your online tests, don’t get disheartened. Find your weak points and try to grasp them from extra books and online sources. Don’t forget that your hard-work will surely pay you off.


GATE is an extremely important step in building your career. Time plays a very important role in gaining a good rank in such difficult competitive exams. Save as much time as you can and follow a set routine to achieve your ultimate goal. You can also watch our free YouTube videos on GATE exams‘ tips, tricks and subject wise courses.

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